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Global Production Index

Global Production Index

The Global Production Index is a monthly index measuring production of the business of chemistry on a regional and global basis, plus measures activity consistent with the industry nomenclature of NAICS 325, the EU's NACE 24, the UN's ISIC 351 and 352 industries.

It tracks production of pharmaceuticals, soaps & detergents, personal care products, fertilizers and other downstream products in addition to tracking inorganic chemicals & organic chemicals, plastic resins, synthetic fibers & rubber, adhesives and sealants, coatings and other specialty chemicals.

It also contains total world and regional monthly, quarterly and annual times series of data from 1987, as well as detailed sub-regional data (US, Canada, Mexico, Latin American, France, Germany, Italy, UK, other Western Europe, Japan, East Asia, South Asia and other Asia-Pacific). Statistics are additionally presented in % change year over year and % change period to period formats.

Published monthly. Excel version, plus accompanying analysis report. Please note there is a $15 per additional user fee in addition to the annual $375 flat fee.

Available free to MEMBERS at memberexchange.americanchemistry.com


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