Business of Chemistry: Situation and Outlook

Business of Chemistry: Situation and Outlook

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2020 Mid-Year Edition NOW AVAILABLE.

Gain insight into the short-term industry outlook with this semi-annual report issued in June and December. The report provides a summary of the economic, end-use market, chemical and investment trends, and outlook. It presents an up-to-date assessment of current conditions in the business of chemistry in the United States and globally, plus likely prospects for the upcoming year and beyond.

Forecasts of the key indicators (trade, volume, shipments, employment, R&D spending, capacity utilization, capital spending) are based on preliminary responses to the annual American Chemistry Council Economic Survey and economic models and reflect the consensus of forecasts made by economists, forecasters, and other industry experts.

Approximately 17 pages. PDF version.

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Please note that this release now comes in a Powerpoint format.

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